Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aug 22 – Shower installation and Finance matters

Aug 22 

A committee meeting with all the important people in the slum was ongoing at Amusha’s workshop when we arrived today. After their meeting, two of the people, Shadrack and Christopher, came to talk to us. Shadrack Wayodi is the village chairman of Milimani. A village chairman is in charge of security of the area. Christopher is the Mukuru Service Network Secretary. He is also a human rights activist, involved in amnesty international, coordinates advocacy forums.

We talked about possible project collaborations. They did not have very specific projects in mind but are very interested to get people involved in technology related entrepreneurship. They liked the idea of Eco-shower a lot and hope we can come up with more products like that. We arranged a meeting tomorrow at 1pm to discuss more about projects and a platform for us to meet other youth groups to market our showers.  

Random facts we learnt. Mukuru Kwa Njenga is divided into eight villages. Milimani (where Amusha is located), Vietnam, Riara, Motomoto, Aa, Wapewape, 48 and Sisal (the biggest area).

The progress so far.

The execuctive made a very detailed plan for the week. The goal is to install 4 showers by the end of the week. 

The team bought a new ppr machine over the weekends.

On Monday, a team went to Kwa Reuben to install the shower with metal frame at Mama Gathoni’s (tel: 0723875033).  She is also one of the operators of Sanergy’s toilet.
On the next day, the team went back for a follow up of the shower. Mama Gathoni suggested a bigger frame, 3’ by 3’ for the shower. So the frame was sent back for modification. The frame costs 1600KSH to manufacture and 1800KSH for our modifications at a welder’s place. Richard is actually a welder but currently we do not have the machines to manufacture those parts in house.

Geroge’s shower was moved to Sisal, installed with a wooden frame and blue canvas curtain.

The shower looks pretty good with the cemented floor, painted pump and the showerhead secured. Sisal paid a deposit of 300KSH for the shower.

On finance matters.

Davies' record of eco-shower spending. 

The team bought some materials necessary for the shower as well as check book and stamp for the company.
The current balance stands at 9495KSH after taking into account the contribution (2000KSH), deposit from Sisal (3000KSH) and expenditure (13505KSH).

On other random facts.
Daniel told us many of the executive team members actually want to go to college but lacks the financial ability.
School of Arts and Education costs 120,000KSH per year for tuition alone and 150,000KSH per year including living expenses.
School of Science costs 230,000KSH per year exclusive of recreation.
Health Science 400,000KSH
School of Engineering costs 200,000KSH per year
Accounting, which is what Davies wants to study, costs 150,000KSH.
Strathmore is the most expensive business school in Kenya, costs 230,000KSH.

Even with a college degree, one needs 2-3 year experience to get a job. To get the experience, one has to pay even more. The expensive education structure is why so many youth could not afford to go to school and works at youth center.

It seems like we need to sell a lot of showers in order to send everyone on the executive team to college. But there is hope and I really wish one day we could send our team to colleges with the profits from the showers. 


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