Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aug 14 -- T shirt and name card design

Aug 14, 2012

We worked on T-shirt and business cards in the past two days to make the company looks more professional and make everyone on the team feels a sense of importance and belonging.

The front of the T-shirt

The back of the T-shirt (there is not suppose to be white border not the Amusha logo in the final design)

(picture credit goes to Kali’s gimping skills!)

Business cards

An enlarged sample

Dennis, the field manager from Sanergy, has kindly helped us to identify three potential FLOs that we can put our showers. One FLO in Viwandani Area, and two in Kwa Ruben. They were chosen due to their current business and likelihood of incorporating showers next to their toilets.

We are meet with Sanergy’s Field Managers/Operators tomorrow to tell them more about how the shower works so they would be better at assist in communicating with the FLOs.

Here is the business model for the operators:
Operator model
Free trial for a week
After trial week:
Price: 5000KSH (with wooded stand); 6000KSH (with metal stand)
In installment: ?? (still need to be discussed with the experienced Sanergy’s field managers)

Suggested Price for customers: 10KSH per shower (TBD)
Incentives: Help in advertising (by youth groups)

We are also going to talk to youth groups in Kwa Ruben for possible collaboration.
Here are the details:
Hope World Wide (near by youth groups: Utena Youth Group, MYD Youth Group)
Director / Contact Person: Benson Mutuku
Phone: 0720-961082
Additional Contact Information:
Email: bemutuku@yahoo.com
Location: Kwa Reuben
Description of the Organisation: It is a FBO that offers: VCT, medical clinic, women's empowerment through vocational training in ICT and hair dressing, sporting activities, toilet All of its programs are targeted to HIV prevention in the community.  They serve the whole community of Reuben.

Other promising Youth Groups are:

Riverside Youth Group (near Kwa Reuben)
Director / Contact Person: Moses Omdiek
Phone: 0710-968637
Location: Lunga Lunga
Description of the Organisation: This is a youth group which mainly focuses on clean up in Lunga Lunga The group is planning to do organic farming and start a toilet project

Angaza Entertainment Group (other nearby groups: Eye Opener Youth Group)
Director / Contact Person: Nicholus Zakaria
Phone: 0727-045271
Location: Kwa Njenga
Description of the Organisation: They are a Christian-based youth group. They are a sports outreach youth group (previously they had been an outreach team). Most days they conduct their activities they attract young people only.
Organisation’s Vision/Future Plans: To establish a cleaning environment activity

Monsoon Youth Groups
Director / Contact Person: Robert Mitau Mue
Phone: 0723-224843
Location: Kwa Njenga
Description of the Organisation: The group focuses on HIV information and coordinates HIV testing in the Kwa Njenga community and peer education in schools.
Partners: Food for Life

Ukweli wa Upendo Women's Group
Director / Contact Person: Teresia Kerubo Muchama
Phone: 0734-508069
Additional Contact Information: 0717-898830
Location: Kwa Njenga
Description of the Organisation: It is a women's group but has incorporated men (6 men, 23 women) Members have attended workshops such as a Red Cross workshop where they were trained on fire issues.
Organisation’s Vision/Future Plans: To supply clean water to the community at affordable prices.  To have a grinding machine that will help them generate more income.
Partners: The government donates the maize which they distribute to the poor and orphans.  They also contribute 50 bob (50 cents) in order to provide food for people living with HIV.

Inuana Uinuke/Uinuliwe Youth Group
Director / Contact Person: Shadrack Wayodi
Phone: 0720-963839
Location: Kwa Njenga
Description of the Organisation: It is a microfinance group that involves the youth, women and men.  It was initiated in early 2008. Among the members there are community health workers that visit people living with HIV and AIDS, offering home-based care.  They got the loan from Co-operative Bank (Wana Ndege Microfinance).  The youth run businesses like barber shops, sewing, vegetables
Organisation’s Vision/Future Plans: Have their own tank in order to supply clean and safe water in order to reduce the spread of typhoid in the area.

Youth groups Daniel and Davies recommended:
Kwa Njenga Youth Groups
TIM: Goodboy 0716-376314


Pipeline Kware

The business model that we are going to sell to the youth groups are:
Youth Group Model (Eco-youth)
Responsibilities: publicize for operators (if available in the area)
Deposit: 3000KSH (come with a pump)
Membership fee: Monthly 300KSH
(membership fee includes delivery of pumps in 3 days notice, repair of pumps)

Price for pump: 3500KSH
Incentives: Free brochures; Monthly sales meeting with free lunch at Amusha

The youth groups can either use a rental model or sales model
Rental Model (can be used by both youth group and Amusha)
5KSH/30 min
rental for a day: 30KSH
Rented daily for a month at fixed time (for 30 min): 150KSH
Rented daily for a month for the whole time: 350KSH

Sales Model
(To an individual household, a plot or an operator)
Price: 4000(without stand); 5000 (with wooden stand); 6000 (with metal stand)
In Installment : to be discussed

Price for reference:
Price: 600KSH
Installment: not less than 200KSH (deposit), the rest in 1 or 2 installment)

Lastly, we are also looking for NGOs like Oxfam to schedule meetings to discuss possible fundings. 


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