Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aug 8 -- Shower head making and marketing

Aug 8, 2012

It rained for the first time since our trip. Luckily, the rain only started after we left the Kwa Jenga so it did not interfere with our work.

When we got to the Amusha, we were surprised by the productivity of the group after we went back yesterday. They built another shower head, cut some pipes for the shower head and had a reflection session.

The reflection comment from yesterday night after we left the slum.

Davis and Isiah took on a difficult task of exchanging the 35mm and 25mm ppr pipes for elbows and joints. Since the current design does not use ppr as the structure, those two bigger pipes we bought earlier are obsolete.

They did not disappoint us. An hour later, they came back with a bag of elbows and T joints they exchanged.

In the meanwhile, Kali, Bahati and I started sawing more pipes for the shower head.

Bahati is so much better at sawing than us. He would finish sawing two pipes before we are half way through our first pipe.

The fruits of the hard labor of (mainly) Bahati and (a little bit) of us.

The team gathered together for a brainstorming session on publicity. After a long discussion, the group finally came with three categories of market we are targeting. Selling to operators, other community groups and household.

Each team formed a group of 3 people. We gave them the homework of setting goals for their sales target tonight.

Just for gauging the market interest, Davis and Isiah went on a trip around the slum to talk to potential customers.

Later, we walked to Sanergy to drill the holes on the shower head. The process was easier than we anticipated. Measuring the spacing between the holes, marking it up and drilling it. We were done within an hour time. This means Amusha can come and drill holes when there is a need.

We headed back to Ani after this. Hope to hear the good news from Davis and Isiah team. Tomorrow is going to more shower head building and marketing. That’s all for today, thanks for reading! 


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This is so awesome! Great job guys :) Looks like you are having a lot of fun and working a lot! :) Perfect.

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